Innovative Lighting, Controls, and EV Charging Solutions


Pentalux designs and engineers the most expedient lighting, control, and electric vehicle charging solutions. We use our personal expertise and leverage our network of suppliers and partners to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.


We source the right LED lighting for your application, every time. Whether in extremely demanding environments or the coziest coffee house, we guarantee what we specify will be optimized for your application.


We are experts in leading control systems, with vast experience in both wired and wireless internet-of-things (IoT) systems. Our services include specification, design, commissioning, helping contractors avoid mistakes, and training end users in the systems. Ongoing support and augments to existing systems are also available.


From inception to photometrics and final takeoffs, we handle all aspects of putting together the most expedient designs for our customers.


In an ever-evolving market, Pentalux is here to provide solutions that make sense. We work hand in hand with a network of manufacturers and representatives. Contact us for special ESCO and Contractor pricing.


Pentalux has an extensive track record of seeing projects through to completion. Whether via audit assistance, specification, project management services, or commissioning services - all of which are provided for turnkey contractors and end users - we are here to make it easy, make you look good, and ensure end user satisfaction.